Straightcurve Weathering Steel Raised Garden Beds

Easy-build raised garden beds for stylish landscaping solutions


Why choose our Pro-Grade Raised Garden Beds?

Because it’s the UK’s only high-end modular steel landscaping range that’s:

Specifically designed for quick & easy installation with basic household tools, pre-drilled & prepared for self-assembly, simple to shape by hand with no training or experience, surprisingly affordable compared to the alternatives, in-stock, and ready for next-day dispatch.

No other off-the-shelf product is as:

  • Advantageous for Pro’s
  • Ideal for Designers
  • Extremely high-quality
  • Quick to connect
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to shape by hand
  • Purposefully designed
  • Hard wearing
  • Adaptable to onsite changes
  • Simple to install
  • Suitable for all soil types
  • Precisely made
  • Affordably priced
  • And ready when you are

Precision engineered raised garden beds built to last

Simply fix lengths together, position, and brace in your garden for a professionally finished look.

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Meet the Straightcurve Raised Garden Bed Range

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Choose from our range of easy-build raised garden beds
in varying styles and heights to suit your garden design.

Raised Garden Bed 240mm

Raised Garden Bed 240mm

Total length: 4.32m | set of 2: 2160L x 240H
Raised Garden Bed 400mm

Raised Garden Bed 400mm

Total length: 4.32m | set of 2: 2160L x 400H
Raised Garden Bed 560mm

Raised Garden Bed 560mm

Total length: 4.32m | set of 2: 2160L x 560H
Zero-Flex Garden Bed 400mm

Zero-Flex Garden Bed 400mm

Custom design

Zero-Flex, box top profile, easy-build weathering steel lengths that are precision engineered for perfect fit & finish. Requires optional bracing accessories (such as anchor posts or bracing sets) to suit intended configuration.

Our raised garden beds are made for you...

If you love high-end aesthetics...

One reason to love our raised garden beds is that they look very stylish – we’ve intentionally designed the range to enhance the look & feel of the gardens they feature in. Our raised garden products look so good because they’re:

  • Made from real weathering steel for a rustic natural look that develops with a rusted patina.
  • Joined via hidden flanges with pre-cut guide holes to create seemingly continuous, beautifully clean lines.
  • Precision-engineered to achieve a stylish, high-end aesthetic with every installation.
  • Designed with rolled edges for a smooth & safe profile.

If you value high-quality...

Simply put, you won’t find better quality raised garden bed panels, because Straightcurve products are:

  • Very high-quality landscaping products made to exacting standards.
  • Designed & manufactured to an exceptionally high standard for a flawless fit & finish.
  • Made from high-quality engineered weathering steel.

If you're looking for a very durable product...

Our raised garden bed products are ideal for DIY gardeners and professional landscapers who value durability because they’re:

  • Made with weathering steel; a hard-wearing material that can last for 10 years or more.
  • Rock-solid and won’t budge once installed thanks to our unique joining + fixing systems.
  • Quality tested to ensure landscape industry-leading durability.

If you like value for money...

Our raised garden bed products provide exceptional value for money because they’re:

  • Made with weathering steel which lasts longer than less robust materials such as mild steel, timber, or plastic.
  • Designed to be installed at ground level, which means you only pay for the materials you see – unlike some other brands which require one-third of the product to be buried.

If you're a bit of a perfectionist...

If you have an eye for detail and want things to be just so (and stay that way) our raised garden bed products are ideal for you because they’re:

  • Designed to fit neatly together via discreet joining systems that produce beautiful, almost seamless joins.
  • Engineered to stay strong & true for many years after installation – the quality of our steel and unique installation systems ensure our products won’t budge, bulge, or otherwise change shape once installed.

If ease of installation and usability are important to you ...

Our raised garden bed products tick all the usability boxes because they’re:

  • Expertly designed for quick & easy DIY installation.
  • Made with smooth rolled edges to keep children & pets and other garden users safe.
  • Maintenance-free once installed and weathered.

If you want to increase curb appeal and liveability...

Our raised garden bed products are easy to connect & install. They require no maintenance once installed. And they improve the look & feel of the homes, gardens, and commercial properties in which they feature. For these reasons, our products are a great low-cost, low-maintenance option for:

  • Increasing the curb appeal and liveability of homes & investment properties.
  • Making commercial buildings more attractive to tenants and their customers.
  • Introducing plants & trees to office spaces and other working environments.

What customers are saying

The weathering steel finish

Ellipse 1

How it comes

The manufacturing process of weathering steel will leave the surface in a dark, almost black state. The weathering process sees this layer break down first before the desired protective patina layer can establish.

Ellipse 2

What it turns into

Once installed, wash with warm soap and water to remove the protective coating and encourage development of an even patina - this may take weeks or months depending on weather conditions.

Straightcurve Weathering steel Mild Steel Aluminium Plastic Timber
Ideal for outdoor use
Natural rustic aesthetic
Long lasting
Low maintenance
Super high strength
Forms protective patina

Our raised garden beds in the wild


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Small spaces, beautiful opportunities

Small doesn’t mean uninspiring! You can look at a small space such as a courtyard, patio, or balcony as an opportunity to get creative and make it all the more inviting.

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Exceptional quality products designed for flawless fit & finish


Precision engineered

All our products are designed & engineered for a strong hold and perfect finish.


No quibble returns

If anything goes wrong, or you simply change your mind, we offer a no quibbles money-back guarantee.


ISO certified

Our material selection & manufacturing is ISO certified to maximise product quality & lifespan.


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Raised Garden Bed Product Catalogues


240mm Raised Garden Beds

Everything you might want to know about the 400mm Straightcurve Raised Garden Bed range in one downloadable PDF. Includes FAQs, benefits, advantages, technical specifications, installation guidance, and technical drawings.

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400mm Raised Garden Beds

Everything you might want to know about the 400mm Straightcurve Raised Garden Bed range in one downloadable PDF. Includes FAQs, benefits, advantages, technical specifications, installation guidance, and technical drawings.

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560mm Raised Garden Beds

Everything you might want to know about the 560mm Straightcurve Raised Garden Bed range in one downloadable PDF. Includes FAQs, benefits, advantages, technical specifications, installation guidance, and technical drawings.

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