Zero-Flex 100mm Garden Edging

“Brilliant product to use”
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“Way superior to alternatives”
“Best edging used in 25 years”
“Highly recommend”
“Stays perfectly straight”
“Hefty steel”
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Test-build our flagship product:

Order our unmovable straight edge demo set.
Compare & contrast, test install, and show your clients.
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Introducing our Professional Demonstration Set

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Special Offer:

Cover shipping & handling and we’ll take care of everything else.


This Special Offer is designed for Professional Landscapers & Designers who want to:

  • Compare actual Straightcurve Zero-Flex with alternatives before ordering materials for a major project
  • Demonstrate the features, benefits, and advantages of Straightcurve Zero-Flex to their team
  • Review how well-made, easy to work with, durable, and high-quality our Zero-Flex products are
  • Show working examples of Straightcurve Zero-Flex to clients or other stakeholders
  • Experiment with how long it takes to form a patina on the product
  • Develop new & innovative design ideas and competitive installation methods

Why redeem this offer?

If you’re convinced by the Straightcurve products but want to show your team, your clients, or any other stakeholders just how advantageous they’ll be before specifying our range or placing your first significant order, this special offer is designed for you.

Our Zero-Flex Professional Demo Set comes with everything you need to assemble & install, compare & contrast, and otherwise experiment with life-size versions of our flagship straight-line garden edging product.

We’ll cover the cost of the products themselves all you need to do is pay for the shipping & handling.
Plus, when you’re ready to set up a PRO Account and place your first order, we’ll discount that order by 10%.


For Perfectly Straight Garden Edging

Buy this set to put our high-quality, quick-connect, easy-install,
and unmovably-straight Zero-Flex 100mm Garden Edging to the test.
Use this product to show your clients (and competitors) you mean business!

Zero-Flex 100mm Garden Edging

Zero-Flex 100mm Garden Edging

Total length: 6.6m | Demo set of 3: 2200L x 100H

Perfectly straight quick-connect precision-engineered weathering steel with pre-attached connector plates.

Price includes 3 x 2200mm length, 1 x Corner Piece, 12 x Fixing Spikes, 20 x Tek Screws

Only 10 left in stock

£60.00Incl. VAT

What customers are saying

The weathering steel finish

Ellipse 1

How it comes

The manufacturing process of weathering steel will leave the surface in a dark, almost black state. The weathering process sees this layer break down first before the desired protective patina layer can establish.

Ellipse 2

What it turns into

Once installed, wash with warm soap and water to remove the protective coating and encourage development of an even patina - this may take weeks or months depending on weather conditions.

Straightcurve Weathering steel Mild Steel Aluminium Plastic Timber
Ideal for outdoor use
Natural rustic aesthetic
Long lasting
Low maintenance
Super high strength
Forms protective patina

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Product Catalogue for Garden Edging

Product Catalogue

100mm Garden Edging

Everything you might want to know about the 100mm Straightcurve Garden Edging range in one downloadable PDF. Includes FAQs, benefits, advantages, technical specifications, installation guidance, and technical drawings.

Download 100mm Catalogue