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Deliver superior garden edging results whilst slashing labour time & costs by 50% or more!

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Want to deliver your client’s dream garden outcome with optimised garden edging that saves hours of labour time & cost on every project?

Dear friend and fellow professional perfectionist,

Have you noticed that traditional garden edging and installation methods are inefficient, wasteful, outdated, and in some cases dangerous? In any given year, do you or your team spend countless hours struggling to install perfect edges on landscaping projects – because they’re an important finishing touch? And do you worry about having to go back and spend yet more time to “make good” on edges that have shunted, warped, heaved, or worse caused an accident? Painful isn’t it? No one likes having to go back to a project to fix problems – it’s a stressful, thankless task. And all that time your team is working to inefficiently install (or fix) sub-optimal edging, is time they could be working on more valuable aspects of a project.

It’s time to change the way you install metal garden edging. And the most cost-effective, time-efficient, and competitive way to do that is with a precision-engineered garden edging system. That’s where we can help you. We’re an award-winning manufacturer of long-lasting, high-quality weathering steel garden edging products guaranteed to be easy to install (without special skills or equipment) and make your client’s gardens look amazing.

Our edging systems are designed to efficiently deliver lasting, millimeter perfectly straight edges, with ease, and in half the time. Your team will love you for specifying this system. Your clients will be impressed with your clever approach to delivering their dream garden. Your nervous system (or your family) will appreciate you having one less thing to worry about. And your competition will wonder how on earth you’re winning and delivering so many incredibly well-finished jobs, so efficiently. If you’d like to make all of this your new normal, book a “Perfect Edge” consultation call and we’ll show you how.


Discover how to save up to £1,470 in installation costs
And up to 42 hours of labour on each and every project!

Chris Reynolds delivered a perfect result and slashed installation time by over 50% with Straightcurve Zero-Flex edging. You can too!


“We used Straightcurve Zero-Flex for the first time on on a big garden project that called for 130 lineal metres of absolutely, perfectly straight edging. The team laid the whole garden in a day – when I looked at the original quote, I’d allowed 4 days of labour for just the edging. That’s a reflection of how easily the contractors were able to deliver a perfect result using Straightcurve. Even your online resources, you’ve got a really good online package which they all watched. It was super, they’d never come across the product but they were able  to install it all in a quarter of the expected time after watching a six minute video.”

Chris Reynolds from Bridgeman Kent, is a landscape designer for high-end clients in Hertfordshire, England.

Book your free “Perfect Edge” call today and qualify for a free demo pack*

Act now to book your “Perfect Edge” consultation call and in the month of October you can qualify to receive a special “Perfect Edge” Demo Pack. That includes 3 lengths of Zero-Flex Weathering Steel Garden Edging + 1 Zero-Flex Corner Piece, our guided video installation series, the Straightcurve Product Catalogue, a Pro Landscaper’s Guide to Straightcurve Garden Edging, and 2 optional remote training sessions FOR FREE* (Value at £500).

Say goodbye to inefficient and drawn-out edge installations, sub-par results, project stress & worry, and “make good” call-backs. Say hello to more consistently perfect finishing touches, faster install times, happier and more productive teams, and delighted clients.


Discover how to save up to £1,470 in installation costs
And up to 42 hours of labour on each and every project!

*To receive your “Perfect Edge Demo Pack” simply cover the cost of shipping and we’ll take care of everything else!

2,359,836 mtrs straightcurve garden edging sold worldwide

Labour costs are your 2nd biggest project delivery expense - optimise them with a high quality edging system.

The first step to cutting down on wasted installation time is to choose an edging system that’s easier for your team to install. That’s why all our steel edging is supplied with a simple but elegant proprietary connection, positioning, and fixing system. Not only does this system make installation lightning fast and guarantee long-term positional stability – it also makes your team happier and increases job profit, too!

With less time wasted and no need to wrestle with edges to get an ideal result (like you have to with other awkward & archaic edging systems) your installation costs will plummet. And with less time spent on annoying fiddly work, your team’s productivity will skyrocket. The end result? You turn a bigger profit (or undercut your competition), your team is happier (burning less time on annoying low-value work whilst prioritising more rewarding, high-value work), and your clients are delighted with superior quality results.


Premium garden edging systems are not a cost, but an investment that can save your business £10,000's each year

Think about all the time you’re currently forced to allow for installing sub-optimal garden edging on every project where it’s required. And consider how many additional hours get burned in your business dealing with customers who aren’t entirely happy with how the edging you’ve used is holding up – assuming they’ve told you about it and given you the chance to remedy it, rather than simply complaining to anyone and everyone who’ll listen!

All that wasted time, money, and energy mounts up, year after year… and it all takes its toll. On you. On your family. On your team. And potentially on your reputation as an operator – goodbye referral business! If you haven’t optimised your garden edging installation, your business is losing money every week.

Now look at it another way – what would you do with an extra £1,470* (per project) that you didn’t have to spend on installation labour? If you could save 42* hours of installation labour per project, what would that be worth to you over a year’s worth of projects? Based on real-world examples, that’s how much you could save with our optimised Garden Edging Systems. And that’s why it’s better to think of them as an investment for your business and team’s continuing success. With that much extra time on your hands, you’ll have the freedom to boost your business’s future and your team’s morale while producing even more impressive results.

*Example time & cost savings based on a private client project in St. Albans, which required 130 lineal metres of perfectly straight garden edging.


Discover how to save up to £1,470 in installation costs
And up to 42 hours of labour on each and every project!

Perfect Straight Edges
No Shunt Guarantee
Impossible to misinstall
No Maintenance
No Site Power Required
Installs with basic tools
Connect, Position, Backfill
Halve Labour Time & Costs

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Here’s just a fraction of what makes Straightcurve Zero-Flex different from the rest…

  • Unmatched Performance – “Perfect Edge” Guaranteed!
    Don’t waste your time & money on products that aren’t designed with user-friendliness AND real-world performance in mind – use our edging to create perfectly neat & tidy borders from day one and for years to come.
  • A Set & Forget System – No More Shunting Or Kinking
    Ours is the only high-quality, modular steel garden edging product to completely eliminate the possibility of shunting, kinking, or any other post-installation displacement – meaning perfectly straight, unmovable edges.
  • At Last! A DIY-Friendly Product That Delivers Pro-Grade Results
    We’re obsessed with the creation of products that give you the best user experience and the best end result – that means you get a high-quality product that’s super simple to use.
  • The Safest Steel Edging By Design
    Where many competing brands of steel garden edging have sharp edges that can cut hands, feet, and paws, all Straightcurve edging is made with rounded edges for added safety.
  • Zero-Risk Guarantee Makes Choosing Straightcurve A No-Brainer
    Anyone can claim their product is easy to install, but we’re the only company guaranteeing it. We’re so confident in our product’s ability to deliver a perfect straight edge, that in the highly unlikely event you can’t achieve this outcome, we’ll replace your Zero-Flex order with a competitor’s equivalent off-the-shelf product!


Discover how to save up to £1,470 in installation costs
And up to 42 hours of labour on each and every project!


“We needed some technical help and the business owner phoned me himself with some great advice. First time using this edging, we have used a different type in the past, with 25 years experience of doing edging this is by far the best product I have used. Yes slightly more expensive but the time saved installing it more than makes up for it. Will definitely be using this edging again.”

Jeremy, J&S Scapes


Don’t be suckered by dangerously sharp garden edging brands - trust Straightcurve’s smooth, round edge to keep garden users safe

Giving your client’s garden a high-end finish with metal garden edging seems like a great idea, until someone gets hurt. And if you use the wrong kind of metal garden edging, chances are much higher that someone will. Most metal edges on the market these days are made with a single sheet that can easily cut delicate hands, feet, and paws.

All our products, on the other hand, are designed & manufactured with double-rolled rounded tops and / or smoothly curving corners to keep garden users safe. It’s simply not worth the risk or the worry that comes with using a sharp-edged metal edging product, when Straightcurve eliminates that problem with it’s attractive and user-friendly design.


The devil’s in the detail - if a product is claiming to improve the curb appeal of your client’s home, shouldn’t it look aesthetically pleasing?

Take a closer look at many of the metal garden edging products on the market, paying attention to how they’re joined together and held in place. What you’ll see is that these joining + pegging systems are often clumsy-looking, which does little for the finished aesthetic of your client’s garden. Worse still, in some cases these clunky metal joiners can create a tripping, ripping or lawnmower-catching hazard.

Now look at the high-end aesthetic of our discreet precision-engineered joining systems and quickly you’ll see how Straightcurve garden edging creates a clean professional finish.

Ready to get started?

Take these 3 simple steps to achieve your dream edging outcomes:


1. Book Your“Perfect Edge” Call

If you’re serious about getting the best results for your business, your team, and your clients’ homes & gardens - click the button below, complete the short form, and to book your Free 30-minute consultation on a day + time that works for you.


2. Consult On How You Can Optimise With Staightcurve

In the call, you’ll talk us though your business and share your biggest pain points and ideal outcomes when it comes to edging, and we’ll show you exactly how you can overcome those issues and deliver better results more quickly & easily with our products. 


3. Get Hands On With Our ‘Perfect Edge’ System

We talk the talk, and walk the walk - with a hands on demo of our recommended product. We’re so confident you’ll achieve your dream edging outcomes that we’ll gift you a FREE “Perfect Edge” Demo Pack (valued at £500) - so you can see for yourself how good this system really is! Simply cover the shipping cost, and if after testing our system you find it’s not for you, we’ll wish you all the best. No Harm, No Foul. No Fee.


Discover how to save up to £1,470 in installation costs
And up to 42 hours of labour on each and every project!

Here’s some of the invaluable info you’ll learn from your free “Perfect Edge” call

Here at Straightcurve, we’ve helped thousands of landscapers all over the world optimise their garden edge installations and deliver outstanding results – and we can do the same for you!

Get in touch with us today for a free, no-obligation 30-minute call, where we will have a chat about your landscaping projects, and the volume and style of edging you typically use. We’ll work with you to determine the most effective & efficient products that you and your team can use to more quickly, easily, and consistently deliver your own and your client’s dream outcomes.

When you speak to us, here’s some of the additional value you will receive free of charge:

  1. The exact edging method thousands of landscapers around the world are using to slash their installation labour time & costs by 50% (or more) whilst eliminating “make good” call-backs (potentially saving them upwards of £1,470 per project) – and how you can too!
  2. We’ll figure out the exact edging system you can use to produce perfect project results – so you can delight your clients and boost your reputation as a high-quality operator.
  3. How you can win more high-end projects by achieving better-looking results, faster, and more consistently – direct competitors and industry peers will be in awe as your capacity and ability to deliver head-turning results seemingly doubles overnight.
  4. We’ll show you how to create perfectly straight edges that are guaranteed to hold true from day one and for many years to come – to make your projects synonymous with exceptional attention to detail and outstanding finishing touches.
  5. Exactly how you could be leaking hundreds of pounds of extra costs each and every week by not using performance-optimised garden edging – and how this new wave of edging technology is quietly turning the industry on its head and making it easier than ever for landscapers to turn over $10,000’s of extra profit each year!


Discover how to save up to £1,470 in installation costs
And up to 42 hours of labour on each and every project!

“Great product & easy to use”
“So helpful to deal with”
“Nothing else comes close”

Boosting pro reputations & optimising garden edging installations around the world

Although we started in the South West of Western Australia, the wild success of our uniquely optimised garden edging products has seen us rapidly expand across the globe. So far we’ve shipped 2,359,836 lineal metres of steel garden edging to savvy landscapers and handy DIY gardeners in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, America, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Norway. As a Pro Account Holder, you can purchase our pro-grade steel garden edging products via the website and have them shipped right to you (or your client) in days!


Straightcurve’s insane ‘Perfect Edge’ guarantee

We are so confident that you’ll be over the moon with our high-quality Zero-Flex edging that we back ourselves with our exclusive “Perfect Edge” guarantee. We Guarantee you’ll be able to create a perfectly straight, neat, tidy, and long-lasting garden, path, or plant bed edge with our product – even if you’ve never used our steel edging before!

In the highly unlikely event, that the product fails to deliver a “perfect edge” result that delights your client, we’ll pay to replace your Straightcurve order with a competitor’s equivalent off-the-shelf product!

We’re not insane – we’re just really passionate about delivering the best outcome for you and your garden.


Discover how to save up to £1,470 in installation costs
And up to 42 hours of labour on each and every project!