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Steel garden edging, retaining & planters

Long-lasting Garden Edging

Level up your landscaping game with Straightcurve’s modern garden edging products. With a vast array of solutions to choose from, the possibilities truly are endless.

Engineered specifically for easy installment, our innovative design means you won’t break your back (or the bank) to get that professional flawless finish on your garden. Our flexible edging – Flexline – is entirely flexible yet incredibly sturdy making it unbelievably easy to work with. No other metal garden edging product flexes so evenly, giving a perfect result every time with so little effort. And for those structured, straight lines, you can’t beat our Rigidline and Hardline range. With in-ground and above ground solutions for all of our products, you’re limited only by your imagination.

Straightcurve products are available in the lower 48 states.

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Choose Straightcurve for exceptional quality and flawless fit & finish

All our supply and manufacturing partners are ISO certified across all areas of the material selection and manufacturing process; every batch of weathering and galvanised steel is tested before further processing to confirm steel composition, strength, thickness, coating thickness (zinc), and coating composition (purity). This is how we maximise the chances of achieving a lengthy lifespan for all of our garden edging products.

Straightcurve steel garden edging products are cleverly designed and precision-engineered (to the highest standards) to achieve a strong hold and perfect finish. As a result, our products install more seamlessly and up to 3x faster than other conventional garden edging systems. This makes them the preferred choice for designers and installers who value a high quality, consistently flawless fit & finish. Straightcurve garden edging products are precision-engineered for your confidence & certainty.

"The thing I love most about the product is the time I save onsite on installation, I can be much more competitive on price."
Alessio Alessio’s Gardens
"The Flexline product is fantastic, it’s so easy to use to create a nice easy turn."
Jaim Green Horizons
"The real reason I love installing Straightcurve is the ease and accessibility in the installation process."
Jaiden Deep Green Landscaping
"Straightcurve’s Flexline has been the biggest innovation for the landscapes we put in"
Mirek Carter Waterwise Landscaping
"It just grabbed me because it’s so easy to use and I’ve been onboard ever since."
Wanda Wanda’s Gardening & Landscaping
"Straightcurve is really easy to install. The design flexibility is great, its a great product to use."
Belinda & Jeremiah Kinetic Landscaping

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