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Organic and flowing lines

When your in-ground garden bed edging needs to accommodate significant curves or follow organic lines, our Flexline product in the one for you. Choose from either our weathering or galvanised steel options to suit your preferred finish knowing that both are guaranteed for 10+ years and likely to last significantly longer.

The Flexline in-ground garden bed edging solution is all about offering you that DIY landscaping option while delivering a professional flawless finish. All height options make for a great low feature bed and work perfectly for dividing gravels, woodchips and mulches. All our in-ground options offer those subtle yet clean lines and Flexline can be easily curved to accommodate all kinds of organic designs. For inspiration and ideas on how best to use our Flexline garden bed edging solution, check out the gallery.

Ideal for

  • Meandering garden paths
  • Creating curved lawn areas
  • Slightly raised or In-ground tree rings
  • Keeping mulch off paths
  • Gently sloping gardens
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