Terms and Conditions

Steel Edge Longevity

In general

Rusting of steel is influenced by many different factors that affect this process. Under ideal circumstances our products will last for many decades up to hundreds of years and in the worst possible conditions our products will at least 10 years. Where an edge is to be buried you can improve the lifespan or your edging by painting or applying bitumen before backfilling. Rusting is accelerated under the influence of humidity, salt (soil salinity), acid (soil acidity) and soil density (oxygen). Proximity to salt water reduces the lifespan considerably.

IMPORTANT: The patina that develops on weathering steel is created during the wet-dry cycle. Allowing the steel to dry is crucial for a dense patina to develop well and inhibit further rusting.

Our Guarantee

During the period of the guarantee of Straightcurve Steel Garden Edging and from the date of delivery of the products from Straightcurve to the consumer, or by any authorised distributor to the buyer, Straightcurve will replace or repair any structurally defective products without charge subject to the following conditions.

The period of the guarantee for the Structural Integrity of Straightcurve edging in galvanised steel edging is 15 years and weathering steel edging is 10 years.
Steps need to be taken to prevent rusting out of our raised range in situations where the soil is corrosive or non-draining (typically clay rich/salty/acidic soil types) . If you are not taking any steps to improve the preservation of edging profiles over 200mm high in such conditions, you are not covered by our 10-year or 15-year structural warranty. Preservation actions are described here:The application of bitumen paint to the buried/back surfaces
Improve drainage by having
a clean coarse sand base under the edging
clean coarse sand against the back of the edging(10cm is enough)
drainage tubes can be used as an alternative to sand
The guarantee will not apply if damage or loss arises from:
when edges are installed against instructions of Straightcurve;
the use of accessories including consumables or hardware which were not manufactured by or approved by Straightcurve;
unusual loads or abuse or strain on Straightcurve products above and beyond normal domestic garden usage;
any modifications of the product which was not authorised in writing by Straightcurve;
any misuse of the product by the buyer or anyone for whom the buyer has legal responsibility (including a minor);
any use or operation of the product outside of the physical or environmental specifications of the products;
inadequate or incorrect site preparation;
inadequate or improper maintenance of the product;
use of Straightcurve products for any other purpose that that set out by Straightcurve;
use of strong chemicals upon the products including acids, salt and hydrogen peroxide;
misuse, improper installation or other abuse or misuse;
the consumer to whom the products are supplied causes the products to become of unacceptable quality, or fails to take reasonable steps to prevent them from becoming of unacceptable quality;
the products are damaged by abnormal use;
the products are used for any other purpose than indicated by Straightcurve;
wear and tear consistent with normal gradual deterioration;
the products being installed within 1km of a saltwater coastline;
the products are installed during an extremely wet season.
The guarantee will be honoured provided that the consumer can provide proof of purchase.
All installation costs incurred by the consumer must be paid by the consumer.
This warranty does not extend to cover any damage to the surface of the products such as light rusting and marking of the surfaces nor to corrosion to any surfaces.
If the products sold in Australia are not installed by or on behalf of the consumer within 30 days of delivery, the guarantee period expressed above begins to run from the date of delivery.
All guarantees and warranties under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and relevant State laws apply to Straightcurve products.