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We dedicate ourselves to designing strong, lasting edges that suit any garden. Developing the best possible edging solutions that are DIY friendly and meet the requirements of high-end landscaping companies.

All of our garden edge solutions in Australia are available in a choice of finishes — galvanised or weathered steel. Used by professional landscape gardeners and DIY enthusiasts across the country, our garden and lawn edging solutions are budget-friendly, simple to install, and extremely durable. Whether you’re working in a small backyard or a large public garden, you’ll find that our solutions make your task much easier to complete. Creating straight lines, flowing curves, and geometric patterns is quick and straightforward when you use Straightcurve Rigid and Straightcurve Flex edging.

With our range of in-ground garden edging, raised garden bed, and planter box systems, it’s possible to transform even the most untidy of gardens into a beautiful outdoor space that’s both easy to maintain and pleasing to the eye.

Why professionals and DIY enthusiasts love our garden edge solutions

For professional landscape gardeners, the speed and ease with which our edging can be installed makes it possible to complete projects faster and more economically. If you are looking for ways to become more competitive, Straightcurve garden edging is the best solution.

If you want to landscape your own backyard, our garden and lawn edging solutions will allow you to do so without any special tools. And because it’s so easy to install, you’ll be able to create neat flower beds and beautifully manicured lawns with laser-straight edges, all by yourself.

You can download installation guides for all our products — and if you need any clarification, you can find installation videos for each of our products in the video gallery section of our website.

Long-lasting garden edge solutions in Australia

The climate in Australia can be unkind to inferior edging products, but our high-quality in-ground and above ground garden edging provide a long-lasting solution that will look good for many years to come.

Raised planters for flower beds and vegetables

If you want to include freestanding, raised beds in your garden design, our fixed-height, raised planters are perfect for your needs. Available in the same two durable finishes as our in-ground and above ground garden edge solutions, our raised planters come in two different heights: 400 mm and 560 mm. With panel sizes ranging from 400 mm to 2,000 mm in length (in 200 mm increments), it’s easy to create free-standing planters of almost any dimensions, with the option to bolt-down if required.

Using our Rigid and Flex lawn edging solutions

  • Creating straight lines
    For square or rectangular lawns with completely straight edges, our Rigid range is ideal. With our in-ground and above-ground Rigid profiles, you can create arrow-straight edges in a matter of minutes using tools you’ll already have at home. Our Zero-Flex range will provide a strong, durable, straight edge for areas with heavy foot traffic or vehicular access that remains in position no matter what. In-ground Zero-Flex profiles feature feet to keep them firmly in place and are constructed from the same high-quality, weathered, or galvanised steel that we use for the rest of our garden edge solutions in Australia.


  • Creating flowing lines with curved edging
    Our 100 mm and 150 mm Rigid in-ground profiles have enough flexibility to accommodate very slight curves but for more significant curvature, we recommend using our Flex in-ground or above-ground profiles. Our Flex series was created to make it easy to create majestic, sweeping curves and beautiful, flowing lines in gardens of all shapes and sizes. You won’t find a better solution for unobtrusive lawn edging than in-ground Flex profiles, which start at a virtually invisible 75 mm in height. Our above-ground profiles range from 240 mm to 560 mm in height and give you all the options you need to feature flower beds with sweeping curves. Whether you choose Flex or Rigid garden edge solutions from Straightcurve, your profiles will be supplied with all the basic fittings (such as pegs, nails, connector plates and / or joining sets) and tek screws are available for separate purchase if needed.

Why Straightcurve garden and lawn edging solutions are your best option

We’re not the only supplier of garden edging in Australia — but we are the best. Our edging solutions have been specifically designed to meet the needs of professional and amateur landscape gardeners in this part of the world.

  • Long-lasting – The high-quality steel — with a weathered or galvanised finish — from which our profiles are manufactured ensures they provide a long-term solution to all your garden and lawn edging needs. Once installed, they will remain resistant to corrosion for years.


  • Competitively priced – All our garden edge solutions are very competitively priced. And because they are so easy to install, they allow professional landscape gardeners to quote their clients at more competitive prices too.


  • Can be installed without special knowledge or tools – If you like to take care of your own garden landscaping at home, you’ll find our profiles are the most convenient edging solution currently available in Australia.

To find out more about our garden and lawn edging solutions, contact us by phone or email now.

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