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We dedicate ourselves to designing strong, lasting edges that suit any garden. Developing the best possible edging solutions that are DIY friendly and meet the requirements of high-end landscaping companies.

We offer a full range of retaining solutions for residential and commercial garden applications. Whether you want to create a single raised garden bed or a complex, multi-level garden design, our Flexline™ and Rigidline™ products will make your task much easier to complete.

For a low-maintenance, natural-looking, low garden wall that will stand firm for many years, you won’t find a better option than our steel raised garden beds in the style of Corten. The natural patina that forms on steel is very stable and lends a mature, organic appearance to any type of garden.

If you like the idea of a durable steel retaining solution but you want a more contemporary finish that will retain its original appearance over a long period of time, we recommend taking a look at our galvanised steel products.

Whether you opt for galvanised steel or weathered oxidised steel, you can choose from either curved or straight profiles, with a height of 240mm, 400mm or 560mm. Perfect sizes and profiles for any steel raised garden beds.

Flexline™ and Rigidline™ Weathered Steel Raised Garden Beds

Our two main above-ground retaining solutions enable both DIY gardeners and landscaping professionals to build raised beds of any shape or size, quickly and inexpensively. Rigidline™ is designed for straight runs while Flexline™ can be curved by hand to accommodate any bends in your beds. Both products are very easy to install and can be seamlessly joined together, making it easy for you to tackle all sorts of landscaping projects with ease. The even patina they develop helps them to blend in with mature gardens, creating a very natural yet orderly aesthetic that would normally cost much more to achieve.

Flexline™ and Rigidline™ Galvanised Steel Raised Garden Beds

Even though it is undoubtedly attractive, we understand that not everybody is looking for a retaining solution with a weathered finish. It is for this reason that we also offer our Flexline™ and Rigidline™ products in a galvanised finish. Equally durable, they are perfect for contemporary garden designs where a very clean aesthetic is desired.

Low Garden Wall Solutions

Whether you are creating a feature garden that requires a low wall or you wish to quickly erect a wall between a terrace and the rest of your backyard, our above-ground retaining solutions will be perfect for your requirements. With Rigidline™, you can create straight runs that will require little to no maintenance while Flexline™ will allow you to create a curved garden wall far more easily than any other readily available retaining solution.

Planter Boxes

We also offer freestanding planter boxes in weathered steel, in heights of 400mm and 560mm. These can be used anywhere that you would like a separate, raised planter.

Retaining and Edging Solutions for Domestic and Commercial Customers

Thanks to their low cost and ease-of-installation, our above-ground retaining solutions are ideal for both professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike. If you want to install our weathered steel raised garden beds and other above-ground features with a minimum of fuss, these products are your best option. In addition to our above-ground solutions, we also offer in-ground edging for lawns, garden beds and other applications.

Contact us now for more details about our innovative above-ground retaining solutions.

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