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Flex Raised Garden Beds


Organic and flowing lines

When those raised garden beds, low retainers, and steps need to follow organic or flowing lines, our Flex Raised Garden Bed products are the way to go. Available in various height sizes and either weathering or galvanised steel (depending on your finish preferences). All options can be expected to last for many years.

With Straightcurve our Flex raised garden bed products, you can achieve that flawless professional finish on your own. Easy to install, our landscaping products have been designed with DIY in mind. Why pay someone else to do what you can achieve yourself? Flexline can be curved to suit all kinds of twists and turns in your raised garden beds. Check out our gallery for ideas and inspiration.

Ideal for

  • Organic and flowing lines
  • Raised, curved feature garden beds
  • Kitchen garden beds
  • Curved, sweeping terraces/retainers
  • Hard surface mounting i.e. rooftops/decking
  • Connecting to Rigid raised garden bed range
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Flex Raised Garden Beds

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