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Rigid Raised Garden Beds


Straight lines and geometric designs

For raised garden beds with straight, clean lines or to accommodate geometric designs, go for our Rigid range. Also ideal as steps, for multi-level gardens and the perfect retaining wall solution, this product comes in various heights and either our weathering or galvanised steel finish. Both finishes are supe-durable and made to last for years.

Why pay professionals to do what you can do with Straightcurve? For DIY raised garden beds with a flawless finish, you simply can’t beat Straightcurve raised garden beds. Easy to install and suitable for soft, hard, or concrete surfaces, Rigid raised garden beds are ideal for those firm lines. Need some ideas or inspiration? Check out our gallery or send us your pics to add to our growing inspiration portfolio!

Ideal for

  • Straight lines and geometric designs
  • Raised, straight-sided feature gardens
  • Kitchen garden beds
  • Straight-run terraces/retainers
  • Hard surface mounting i.e. rooftops/decking
  • Connecting to our Flex raised garden bed range
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Straightcurve Rigid above ground raised garden beds

Straightcurve Rigid raised garden beds are perfect for creating raised flower beds, steps, and terraced gardens, and they’re the ideal solution where retaining walls are required in your landscape design. Whether you are a keen DIY gardener or an experienced landscaping professional, you will find that our Rigid raised garden beds are exceptionally easy to install and allows you to achieve accurate results every time. Whether you opt for weathered or galvanised steel, you will find our Straightcurve Rigid raised garden beds are incredibly durable: like all our entire range of steel raised garden bed products, the Straightcurve Rigid range will last for many years under normal conditions.

Straightcurve Rigid: the above-ground solution for all your garden projects

Whether you are building a multi-level garden or a raised flower bed, you can achieve professional results in no time at all with Straightcurve Rigid raised garden beds. They’re designed to be easy to work with and can be used on soft, hard, or concrete surfaces. Anywhere in your garden where a firm, clean line is required, you can use our above-ground border solution to get the results that you need. Raised beds created with Straightcurve Rigid raised garden beds are maintenance-free and will not need to be replaced for years, perhaps decades, in favourable conditions.

Choose the perfect height for your next garden project

We manufacture our Straightcurve Rigid raised garden beds in sections of 2,160 mm in length, with a choice of 3 different heights: 240 mm, 400 mm and 560 mm. The 240 mm sections can be used as a high lawn barrier as well as for all of the above-mentioned applications and will help to prevent invasive grass from spreading to areas of your garden where it is not wanted.

Whichever height you choose, your Straightcurve Rigid raised garden beds sections will be supplied with all the parts you need to join them together and install them in your garden. Higher sections are ideal for feature garden beds and can also be used to construct strong, yet very economical, low retaining walls. Further accessories and bracing products will be required for taller installations.

Weathered or galvanised steel Straightcurve Rigid raised garden beds

All Straightcurve Rigid raised garden bed sizes are available in either galvanised or weathered steel finishes. The best finish for your garden or outdoor project will depend largely on your personal preferences (or those of your customers if you are a landscaping professional). The galvanised steel is zinc coated to provide outstanding corrosion resistance – with a little care and attention, you can expect our galvanised range to last for many years. The weathered steel forms a brown patina on the surface over the first couple of years after it is installed. This patina then protects the steel from further corrosion – this range is also designed to last for many years.

We generally recommend galvanised steel for modern garden designs where neat, clean lines are desired and weathered steel for outdoor spaces where a more natural and organic atmosphere is desired but ultimately, the choice is yours. Check out our above-ground gallery to see what each finish looks like in situ and how you can use Straightcurve Rigid raised garden beds on your next gardening project.

Easy installation for DIYers and professionals alike

Straightcurve Rigid raised garden bed can be installed by home gardeners without any trouble. You will find it very easy to join the sections together to create above-ground borders of any length you require, and the actual installation process is simple and hassle-free. You won’t need to buy any special tools — if you already have a hammer, mallet, and cordless drill, you’re ready to go – and you won’t need any special skills either. Each set contains the spikes and bracing ribs you’ll need during the installation process. You can also purchase proprietary bracing accessories, corner pieces, and joining sleeves from your Straightcurve dealer if required. Installation instructions can be downloaded from our website along with educational videos that will make the whole process quick and stress-free.

Professional landscape gardeners in Australia can use Straightcurve Rigid raised garden bed to complete all types of residential and commercial garden projects faster than would otherwise be possible. With the time and money you’ll save by using our unique solution for retaining walls and above ground garden beds, you’ll be able to offer your clients better pricing. Plus, you’ll take on more work without any deterioration in the quality of service you provide. Straightcurve Rigid raised garden beds allow professional gardeners to create raised kitchen garden beds, terraces and many other garden features more rapidly and more efficiently. You can find out more about how our products can help landscaping professionals by contacting your nearest Straightcurve dealer or by getting in touch with us directly.

Try Straightcurve Rigid raised garden beds today

The best way to find out just how quick & easy Straightcurve Rigid raised garden beds are to install is to try it for yourself. Use the contact details for our Australian dealers to get in touch with your nearest stockist and place an order for Straightcurve Rigid raised garden beds today.

If you’d like more details before placing an order or have any questions about Rigid range or our other above ground garden solutions, you can contact us during work hours or use our enquiry form at any other time. It’s also worth checking out our product brochures and installation instructions, which can be downloaded from the individual product pages.

Rigid Raised Garden Beds

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