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We dedicate ourselves to designing strong, lasting edges that suit any garden. Developing the best possible edging solutions that are DIY friendly and meet the requirements of high-end landscaping companies.

Our fixed height products are perfect for creating planter boxes, raised flower beds and attractive features in residential gardens and public spaces across Australia. Available in both weathered and galvanised finishes, the panels we supply to build your own steel planter box are manufactured to exacting standards from high-quality materials.

The weathered finish features a protective oxide film that inhibits the formation of future rust and is perfect for gardens with a rustic ambience. The galvanised finish offers outstanding protection from the elements and protects the metal surface from corrosion even if it is damaged by accidental knocks from garden implements. It is a great choice for modern gardens and public spaces with more contemporary designs.

Versatile large planter box solution

With side panels available in a range of lengths and no bottom panel to worry about, our large planter boxes can be used in a wide variety of locations for flowers, shrubs and bushes of all sizes. If you would like to create a small raised flower bed in a corner of your garden, we can supply everything you need to build a planter box that is perfect for your needs. If you fancy having a small vegetable garden outside your kitchen but you want it to blend in with the rest of your backyard, our fixed height panels will make a steel planter box that achieves this goal as well. Because our boxes have no bottom panel, they can be used for deep-rooted plants and even small trees with ease. We can also supply you with straight panel join brackets as well as open and closed corner join brackets, enabling you to construct planter boxes in a variety of different shapes.

Weathered and galvanised steel planter box options

As mentioned above, when you specify the panel length and fixed height for your planter boxes, you can choose from either a weathered steel or galvanised steel finish. For more mature gardens with a rural aesthetic, our weathered steel planter boxes are ideal. For modern gardens with sharp, geometric patterns and contemporary features, our galvanised steel planter boxes are the perfect choice. Panels of 400 mm or 560 mm in height, from 400 mm to 2,000 mm in length, are available in either finish.

With the ability to specify both the height and length of individual panels when you order our large rectangular planter boxes, you can be sure they will be just right for your needs. And because the finishes match those of our above-ground and in-ground garden retaining solutions, our planter boxes complement our Flexline and Hardline range perfectly.

Create Garden Furniture with Our Steel Planter Boxes

Using a single large planter box from Straightcurve, you can build rustic garden seats and tables that will give you many years of pleasure. After installing your new planter boxes, all you need to do is cut tops to size from your choice of material and lay them on top of the boxes.

If you have any questions about our large planter box range or you’d like to place an order now, please get in touch with us by phone or email.

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