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“Super quality steel”
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Simply Better for Home Gardeners

Straightcurve products are the UK’s only off-the-shelf, high-quality steel garden edging range that’s:

Specifically designed to enable DIY gardeners to achieve stunning pro-grade landscaping results with basic household tools, pre-drilled & prepared for fast self-assembly, simple to install with no training or experience, surprisingly affordable compared to the alternatives, in-stock, and ready for next-day despatch.

Our products are the perfect choice for DIY gardening enthusiasts looking to:

  • Self-install high-quality steel garden edging on a new-build garden landscaping projects
  • Save time & money by using an off-the-shelf product that’s designed for DIY installation
  • Refresh or upgrade the look & feel of established residential gardens
  • Achieve a high-end look without having to hire pro landscapers or custom fabricate
  • Use a family of high-quality steel landscaping products sharing quick-connect & easy install DNA
  • Improve the curb appeal, overall aesthetic, and livability of their homes & gardens

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Our steel garden edging, raised garden bed, and planter box systems will help you create stunning outdoor spaces in ways no other products can - choose a tile for more info:

Is Straightcurve the best garden edging solution for me?

Quite possibly, and this page is here to help you answer that question – let’s find out.

Since you’re here, I’m going to assume a) you’re a DIY gardener, b) you’re looking to replace or install new garden edging, retaining, or planters in your garden, and c) you want to know if it’s worth choosing a Straightcurve product that promises to be quicker & easier to install than any other metal edging product on the market.

So this page is about giving you the info you need to quickly work out whether our products are a good fit for you (and your garden).


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Features & Benefits

Here are some features & benefits of Straightcurve products you’ll likely appreciate as a DIY gardener:

Installs quickly & easily without special tools or skills.

Unlike other edging products which require special skills or tools, Straightcurve garden edging products are designed to be installed quickly and easily with a mallet and drill driver. This means anyone (with little to no experience) can install the product and achieve a consistent, high-quality, professional finish in far less time than is typical using other garden edging products.

Designed for child and pet safety.

Metal garden edging has become an increasingly popular option for homeowners and gardeners who appreciate the aesthetic and structural properties it offers. One of the often-overlooked drawbacks of using some traditional metal edging products is that they can leave sharp edges in easy reach of children and pets – not so if you choose Straightcurve; all our edges have rounded tops, so they’re not only great looking but child and pet friendly too!

Suitable for use in hard & soft ground.

Whether you’re installing our products on soft soil, hard ground, or even concrete, we have an installation system to suit. Our website provides detailed instructions, spec sheets, step-by-step installation drawings, bracing selection tools, and even installation videos to make it follow-along simple to install edging, retaining, or planters in or on any soil type or ground.

Flat packed for easy transportation and site storage.

Some garden edging products need to be made-to-measure and pre-shaped to project specifications which means they may not be able to accommodate last-minute onsite changes and may be unwieldy to transport and store onsite. Our products are delivered flat-packed for easy, cost-effective transportation, and to make them easier to store and handle on site.

Creates curved edges, straight edges, or a mixture of both.

Straightcurve products are designed for curving and straight-edge applications, or a combination of the two with compatible connections. Our “Flex” products are made for creating smooth, flowing curves, our “Rigid” products are for mostly straight (or gently curving) lines, whilst our “Zero-Flex” products stay perfectly straight & true. Straightcurve products give you more options at the design and construction stages of your home landscaping projects.

No welding, clamping, preshaping or drilling required.

Installation of Straightcurve garden edging is much faster and easier than traditional methods because there is no welding, clamping, pre-shaping or drilling required. Where other metal edging products require a certain level of skill, experience, and special tooling to achieve a quality finish, Straightcurve is designed to allow anyone with basic tools to easily install the product and achieve a lasting quality finish.

No need to bury ⅓ of the retaining products.

Our above-ground range of edges (aka raised garden bed and planter box systems) has cleverly designed bracing systems for retaining which means you don’t have to bury 1/3 of the product, as is the case with traditional systems. For instance, with some metal retaining systems you’d have to buy a 600mm high product to have 400mm showing above ground (with 200mm below ground). With Straightcurve retaining application products, if you want to install 400mm high panels, you simply buy the 400mm panels and use the compatible bracing system – a much more cost-effective way of achieving the desired result!

Connector plates and installation pins already included.

With other metal edging brands on the market, you have to specify and separately purchase connector plates and pegs. This adds cost, adds something else to remember, and adds extra difficulty when it comes to installation. All Straightcurve products come in sets to minimise accessories needed and make installation much quicker and easier. Our connector plates are already attached and all panels have pre-drilled guide holes – simple features that significantly improve the ease & speed of installation.

Looks great and stays true.

We designed the entire range to look amazing from day one of installation and to stand the test of time. Once the quick & easy installation is taken care of, Straightcurve is also designed to stay straight (or curved) & true. In other words, once it’s in (or on) the ground it’ll stay strong and stay put.

Thick & sturdy construction that lasts.

Straightcurve products are long-lasting and durable – we design and manufacture them to stand the test of time. Our above-ground edging for instance is thicker than others on the market at 2mm.

What people are saying about Straightcurve

Landscapers who switch to Straightcurve edging tell us “It’s a joy to work with”, “It’s quick & easy to use”, “It doesn’t need special skills or tooling”, “It looks good first time, everytime”. All of which amounts to less stress, happier clients, more job satisfaction and all around a Simply Better outcome for everyone involved!

"It curves beautifully.It actually comes straight, you just curve it to match the space, or slope of the land."
Chloe Thompson Horticulturalist and Presenter