Rigid Raised Garden Beds 400mm high – Weathering

1 x 2160mm length 5 x Fixing Spike, Breakaway Joint Set RL400WS

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Straightcurve Rigid 400mm raised garden bed panel – a high-quality pro-grade weathering steel product made for strong straight lines.

> 1 x 2160mm length
> 5 x Fixing Spikes
> Breakaway joint set
> Continuous smooth rolled top for added strength and child & pet safety

Straightcurve easy-install weathering steel raised garden bed panels are made with ISO Certified materials & manufacturing processes designed to deliver a high-quality product that’s quick & easy to install and achieve a flawless fit & finish.

Buy with confidence.
Install with ease.

About Straightcurve:

At Straightcurve we design & manufacture a pro-grade range of durable, maintenance-free, high-quality steel garden edging, raised garden beds, and planter products. Our products are all purpose-designed to keep lawns, paths, driveways, raised garden beds and planters looking neat & tidy, beautifully designed, and simple to maintain.

Straightcurve products have quickly become a favourite among DIY gardeners and professional landscapers as they’re specifically designed to achieve a flawless fit & finish, more quickly & easily than any other landscaping edge on the market.

Designed & produced by an experienced landscape designer and a seasoned product engineer, only Straightcurve steel garden edging products include the unique set of design details that combine to make such a good-looking, long-lasting, high-quality product range that anyone can install with ease.

Straightcurve garden edging products are Simply Better for:

> DIY gardeners who prefer a high-end garden edging range that’s affordable & easily installed.

> PRO landscapers who want to set themselves apart and elevate their projects with a higher quality finish that’s more quickly & easily delivered.

    Select the accessories for your chosen product


    Corner Piece 400mm

    Pre-made corner for 400mm height Flex or Rigid edges, join set included. 255mm long arms, use force to alter 90 degree angle

    If making corner buy this or cut yourself (advanced skills)


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    Reverse Corner Piece 400mm

    Pre-made right angle reverse corner for 400 mm height edge, join set included. If making corner buy this or cut your own (advanced skills).

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    Join Part For Offcuts 400mm

    Sleeves for joining 400mm high edges ONLY used when a length is shortened (cut back). Secure with Tek screws.

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    Select bracing support to connect your chosen product

    Required - Choose 1 of the following:

    Universal Bracing Set

    Universal bracing set for:
    Rigid 240/400/560mm: Requires 2 sets per panel (+ 1 per join)
    Flex 240/400/560mm: Requires 2 sets per panel (except for circles)
    Zero-Flex / Planters: Builds wider than 1200mm, 1 set per straight join

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    Ground Anchor Post 1100mm

    Rigid 400mm/560mm: Requires 2 posts per length
    Flex 400mm/560mm: Requires 2 posts per length (except for circles)
    Zero-Flex 400/560mm: For builds wider than 1200mm, use one set per straight join. Add Fitting Set to be able to fix

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