Zero-Flex Raised Garden Bed & Planter Panel 560mm high – Weathering

Make your own planter or raised garden bed - add panels as required for any size / shape. Allows 200mm size step ups.
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Weathering400mm length / FHL560WS-400
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Weathering600mm length / FHL560WS-600
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Weathering800mm length / FHL560WS-800
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Weathering1000mm length / FHL560WS-1000
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Straightcurve precision-engineered Zero-Flex 560mm high weathering steel panels.

> High-quality steel panels for custom raised garden bed or planter box builds
> ISO Certified Weathering steel
> 560mm high and 400mm, 600mm 800mm and 1000mm wide sections
> PLEASE use our guided purchase to add required join sets + accessories

Product Selection:

We have a range of fixed-size planter box kits elsewhere in the shop, but this is the product page to use if you have something more custom in mind.

Here you can order the panels and accessories you need to build any size or shape planter box or raised garden bed.

Our other planter box kits include a predetermined set of panels, joining sets, screws and driver bits which are automatically added to your cart as a bundle.

This product page, allows you to pick & choose from a range of panel sizes and accessories via our 3-step guided purchasing process.

Not sure what you need?

Sounds obvious but before you can choose the required products & accessories you’ll need to map out your design and take some measurements.

It’s also a good idea to get familiar with our various panel options – you can choose 400mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm wide panels.

If you’re not sure, you can always reach out to us via and we’ll happily help you out.

Whatever configuration you design, rest assured that with Straightcurve you’re choosing a super high-quality, long-lasting product that requires no ongoing maintenance once installed.

All Straightcurve weathering steel products are made with ISO Certified materials & manufacturing processes designed to deliver a high-quality product that’s quick & easy to build and achieve a flawless fit & finish.

Buy with confidence.
Build with ease.

    Select the accessories for your chosen product


    Closed Corner Set 560 mm

    Closed corner join set to fix two 560 mm high panels together for a right angle internal corner. Use one for each right angle corner join (making boxes).

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    Reverse Corner Set 560 mm (Open)

    Reverse corner join set to fix two 560 mm high panels together for a right angle external / open corner. To create L-Shape planter boxes or raised garden beds.

    Use one for each open angle corner join (270 degree).

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    Straight Join Set 560mm

    Straight join set to fix two 560 mm high panels together to make a continuous line. Use one for each straight panel join.

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    Select bracing support to connect your chosen product


    Bracing Strap Set

    Set to brace between opposing straight joins for Zero-Flex 400 / 560 mm high panels. Includes two braces and four bolts for securing. Use one set to brace between straight join connection in long beds.

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    Universal Bracing Set

    Universal bracing set for:
    Rigid 240/400/560mm: Requires 2 sets per panel (+ 1 per join)
    Flex 240/400/560mm: Requires 2 sets per panel (except for circles)
    Zero-Flex / Planters: Builds wider than 1200mm, 1 set per straight join

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    Fixing Spikes (50x)

    Zero-Flex 400/560mm: Requires 2 per panel when building a custom shape
    (i.e. single wall retaining or >1200mm wide raised beds)

    Box with 50 galvanised fixing spikes, 300mm long

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    Ground Anchor Post 1100mm

    Rigid 400mm/560mm: Requires 2 posts per length
    Flex 400mm/560mm: Requires 2 posts per length (except for circles)
    Zero-Flex 400/560mm: For builds wider than 1200mm, use one set per straight join. Add Fitting Set to be able to fix

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    Ground Anchor Post 1100mm Fitting Set (Zero-Flex only)

    Set of attachment lips to fix Ground Anchor Post 1100mm to the Zero-Flex Raised Garden Bed 400 / 560 mm or Planter Box Panel. One set is required per post if anchoring with a ground anchor post

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