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The Secret Weapon Landscapers Are Using To Create Award-Winning Garden Designs

Thriving, colourful, alive gardens are a thing of beauty, but are there some tricks of the trade that few people know about?

Garden borders and edging are one of the shortcuts landscapers and DIY enthusiasts are using to achieve stunning aesthetics and perfect organisation. The challenge is there are so many applications to choose from it’s hard to know where to start. While flicking through our Gallery or jumping onto our Instagram page will always help, here are five exciting ways to carve out your own chic designs using some simple garden borders and edging techniques.

1. Above ground weathering steel edging creates a timeless look for all seasons

This elegant expression of garden border and edging lifts your flora above ground, creating a bold contrast between the different elements. The above example captures the ability to fashion beautiful long curves which define the character and shape of the surrounding landscape. Opting for rust coloured edging is subtle enough to highlight the beautiful nuances in the garden.

Like all good investments weathering steel is a long-term performer, extremely durable and impervious to harsh weather elements.

Think George Clooney, as this look ages well too.

2. Flexline edging is your pathway to a beautiful outdoor experience

Aside from taking your eyes on a little outdoor adventure, paths perform many functions. Flexline garden borders and edging are the perfect choice for those flowing curves that separate and emphasise core garden features.

Placement is essential for practical reasons, like safely guiding you to the front door at night or making that frantic last-minute bin run when the sound of the truck approaching momentarily turns the household bin chief into Usain Bolt.

3. Fixed height planters for garden features that scream “look at me”

Want to celebrate key elements in your garden?

Well, good things often come in boxes. In this case, Fixed Height Planters provide a garden border and edging style that keeps your above ground landscaping game strong.

You can achieve this result with an easy install process, manufacturing the perfect home for trees and plants that command attention. A bit like a youngest child.

4. Hardline edging is your geometrical friend doubling as a divider

If symmetry and neatness are non-negotiable, then Hardline garden borders and edging are your peanut butter and jelly.

You can work with a range of sizes depending on the look you’re going for. This gorgeous approach to edging also doubles as a retainer, which helps to prevent spillage and creep. So there’ll be minimal mingling between the mulch and path.

5. Weathering steel rings can step up the accessibility of your garden

This is a fun example of how steps provide great access to multi-level gardens.

It’s easy to shape these weathering steel garden borders and edging into rings of varied dimensions. Steps provide the added bonus of burning your calves and quads into submission. Now you have the perfect excuse to eat more cake 😉

By now you can see, there are a variety of applications garden borders and edging can perform to help build the garden of your dreams.

The only question is, how many will you apply?

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