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Straightcurve Weathering Steel - Modular Raised Garden Bed Panels

Raised Garden Beds Bunnings – Are you searching for alternatives?


If you live in Australia and want to DIY-build a raised garden bed, your first thought might be to drive to your local Bunnings Warehouse (or jump on their website) to see what’s available there.

And if that is your first thought, you’re certainly not the only one to have it – according to Google almost 15,000 people search for “Raised Garden Beds Bunnings” every month across the country.

You can find all manner of DIY raised garden bed options in Bunnings. At the time of writing, there are raised garden bed kits made from UV-treated plastic, white cypress timber, and corrugated iron. There’s also the option of buying the raw materials (e.g. treated pine) to make a raised garden bed from scratch.

But what to do if you don’t have a Bunnings on your doorstep? Or what if the products you can buy from Bunnings don’t suit what you’re trying to build? What else is out there?

If you’ve asked yourself (or your search engine of choice) “What’s an alternative to the raised garden beds available in Bunnings?” this short article is for you.

First, let’s acknowledge what’s good about the Raised Garden Beds options in Bunnings.

There are many reasons you might head to Bunnings to grab something for a DIY raised bed gardening project. For starters, there’s a good chance you’ll have at least one Bunnings Warehouse near your home. And since they stock a big range you’ll likely have plenty of options to choose from in one place.

Many of the raised garden bed premade products (or self-build kits) offered at Bunnings are great if you’re looking for lightweight materials or a relatively cheap & cheerful way to create temporary raised garden beds. Plus, if you’re handy and have the tools for the job, you can buy the raw materials and build something from scratch rather than limit your choices to preset DIY raised garden bed kits.

What kind of Raised Garden Beds will you typically NOT find at Bunnings?

Suppose you’re looking for something with a more upmarket look; the kind of high-quality engineered steel product a professional landscaper would use. Or maybe you’re chasing a modular product that will allow you to build something semi-custom – rather than limiting your choices to premade products or fixed kits.

Perhaps you particularly like the natural rustic look of weathering steel (aka corten) or the contemporary look of galvanized steel. Or you want to build something engineered to stay straight (and/or curved) and true for many years. In those scenarios, you’d do well to explore the options Straightcurve offers as an alternative to Raised Garden Beds from Bunnings.

Straightcurve Raised Garden Beds - for a beautiful aesthetic

Straightcurve Raised Garden Beds – for a beautiful aesthetic

In what other Raised Garden Bed project scenarios might products from Bunnings NOT be suitable for you?

If you want to…

  • Build a custom size or shape of raised garden bed… the premade products and fixed kits available in Bunnings may not work for you.
  • Use a modular steel product that’s easy to build and shape by hand, as a DIY gardener… the products in Bunnings probably wouldn’t be appropriate.
  • Create a custom-sized circular tree-ring-style raised garden bed… you may not find anything suitable in Bunnings.
  • Make an irregularly shaped raised garden bed with a mixture of straight and curved panels… a trip to Bunnings may not cut it.

In any of the above scenarios sourcing products from Bunnings probably won’t be your best bet. On the other hand, the Straightcurve Raised Garden Bed range is designed for exactly these situations.

Shape to suit your personal preference

Our discreet connection and unique bracing systems allow you to join, shape, and secure our raised garden bed panels in any shape you like.

What DIY gardening projects would Straightcurve Raised Garden Beds be more suitable for?

If you’re looking to DIY-build a custom-designed raised garden bed (using galvanised or weathering steel) a modular steel system like ours offers an ideal alternative to products you’ll find in Bunnings.

Plus, if you want to source a modular raised garden bed product that’s part of a family of high-quality steel edging products, Straightcurve could be just the ticket.

The Straightcurve Steel Edging range includes:

  • Garden edging lengths (for neat, tidy, and low maintenance borders for lawns and pathways),
  • Raised garden bed panels (for veggies beds, tiered gardens, terraces, steps, and tree rings), and
  • Planter box products (for stand-alone feature planting).

The entire range is designed and manufactured to the same high standards, so you can create a unified aesthetic across your entire garden.

Create your own designer garden

The Straightcurve raised garden bed range is incredibly user-friendly and versatile – so, if you can picture it, you can build it.

Why aren’t Straightcurve Raised Garden Beds available in Bunnings?

We prefer to work with small, privately owned, and independent retailers. This gives us more freedom & flexibility to play by our own rules and work with businesses that align with our values. The Straightcurve range is only available through a select group of independent Australian stockists, professional designers, and professional landscapers.

This makes our products less common and there’s an upside to this. If you choose Straightcurve, your raised garden beds will look more bespoke than if you use a more widely available, off-the-shelf product.

Make a tree ring or circular raised bed

You can use raised garden bed panels to create individual planters to highlight feature trees and contain ornamental grasses.

How does the Straightcurve Raised Garden Bed range compare to others on the market?

To answer this question, I’ll hand you over to Aj Graham – one of our Straightcurve account managers. Before joining Straightcurve Aj worked in a landscape supplies yard in Adelaide selling our range to landscapers and DIY customers.

Our Straightcurve raised garden beds are different from others on the market. One of the main features is you can retain at full height. You don’t have to bury a third of the material… lose that cost in the ground… spend your time digging a trench, and sweating over all that work.

You can literally put our garden beds on the surface of the ground… peg them in and install our retention system. That allows you to have a full-height garden bed up to 560mm and you can do that in our purpose-built edging. You can have a flexible curved garden bed, or a garden bed with straight lines, or even integrate our products seamlessly one into the other… to achieve your unique design.

Check out Aj’s video here:

Where can you find and buy the Straightcurve Raised Garden Bed range?

The Straightcurve Raised Garden Bed range is available via 80+ independent landscape supply businesses and garden centres in Australia.

To find your nearest Straightcurve stockists:

Straightcurve weathering steel - available nationwide

Straightcurve weathering steel – available nationwide

Conclusion + Helpful Resources

The Straightcurve Raised Garden Bed range is an alternative to the products available at Bunnings, Mitre10, or Home Hardware. It’s worth considering if you’re chasing a high-quality, modular steel raised garden bed option that’s extremely customisable and DIY user-friendly.

Use these links to decide if our products could be the alternative to the Bunnings raised garden beds you’re searching for: 

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