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Maintain more durable, crisper garden edging with less work

Whether you’re a green thumb or just the designated household gardener, we know that achieving a symmetrical clean cut with any old garden edging product isn’t always a walk in the park.

There’s often overgrowth, spillage and cross-over garden elements to contend with. Maybe there’s a solution that only takes 15-minutes to install and make life easier?

Here are three ways Straightcurve durable garden edging products can give your garden an edge.

1. Durability Matters

Great wine gets better with age and our edging range won’t turn to vinegar on you, metaphorically speaking. We have galvanised and weathering edging solutions to cater to the style and specifications that match your vision.

Whether you’re in a nice warm tropical climate or somewhere chillier like Melbourne, your edges will still be there gracefully ageing away when the kids finally move out. You can take the trusty two-stroke right up against it without fear because our durable garden edging products can take the hits like Muhammad Ali’s ‘Rope-A-Dope’. No worries at all with whipper snipping against the edge too. People often leave the edge a little proud for that very purpose.

2. Neatness is a Formality

Nothing ruins the aesthetics of different garden elements more than spillage or invasive grass.

To get a clean cut coupled with elegant separation, choosing a slightly raised durable garden edging product is your ultimate play to maintain a chic look all year round. With the flexibility to fashion different heights, you can raise areas for more impact while grass plays its role creating a great contrast. If you have OCD tendencies, Hardline will keep those rising impulses at bay, at least while you’re outdoors.

curved steel edging for around the artifical turf golf green and rough

3. Lighten the Load

Assorted edging options give gardeners the freedom to add low-maintenance elements to their outdoor living area.

It could be above ground planters or raised garden beds filled with stone or mulch that cut mowing time in half. The great news is that you get a beautiful look and more time to admire it. The point is, if you’re more about kicking back with a coldie and admiring the view than getting in and mucking around in the soil, we’ve got a whole range of durable garden edging products to satisfy your needs. For some low maintenance garden inspo, these ideas are pretty neat.


At the end of the day, there are a variety of solutions to match any garden goal you may have. Whether that’s minimising the maintenance load by adding elements that can sustain a gorgeous look all year round or maximising the available space with a neat symmetrical fresh result after each cut.

The ball is in your court. Which way will you go?

Looking for some more inspiration? Check out these 5 garden edging ideas.

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