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Rigidline™ 9.5″ high x 85″


Ideal for

  • Straight lines and geometric designs
  • Raised, straight-sided feature beds
  • Terracing a gentle slope
  • Creating straight step faces
  • Hard surface mounting i.e. rooftops/decking

Use as

  • Raised border edging
  • Low retainers and steps
  • High set lawn barrier for invasive grasses

Available steels

  • #ab6109Weathering
  • #a7a7a7Galvanised

Additional accessories

All fixings and accessories not to scale. All accessories are available in weathering and galvanised steel finish.

Rigidline™ 9.5″ high x 85″
Corner piece
  • 10.05" / 10.05" long arms
  • Pre-made right angle
  • Join set included
  • Use force to alter angle
Rigidline™ 9.5″ high x 85″
Joining sleeve
  • ONLY Used when a panel end has been cut off
  • Fixes to front as alternative join method
  • Require 8 x Tek screws
Rigidline™ 9.5″ high x 85″
Small anchor post
  • For staking
  • Allow two per length
  • Require 2x Tek screws
  • Fix to bracing ribs
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