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Straight lines and geometric designs

For in-ground garden bed edging that’s all about those strong straight lines or geometric patterns, you can’t go past our Straightcurve Rigidline option. Choose from our signature galvanised steel or weathering steel, both guaranteed for 10+ years and destined to last for many more.

Get that professional finish to your garden minus the hard work and excessive outlay. The Rigidline garden bed edging option can be used as a divider between gravels, woodchips or mulches or for separating paving, compacted stone and artificial turf edges. The 4″ or 6″ high options can give you a low feature bed finish or act as angular in-ground tree surrounds. It’s DIY landscaping made easy. View the gallery for inspiration and ideas on how best to use our Rigidline garden bed edging products.

Ideal for

  • Straight garden paths & lawn areas
  • Decorative stone and mulch areas
  • Slightly raised or In-ground tree surrounds
  • Keeping mulch off paths
  • Slightly curving lines only (with 4″ and 6″)
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