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Zero-Flex Garden EdgingHeavy duty

Zero-Flex Garden Edging

Straight lines and geometric designs

For in-ground garden bed edging that’s all about those dead straight lines or geometric patterns, you can’t go past our Straightcurve Zero-Flex option. It’s the heavy-duty option for the strongest straight lines. Choose from our signature galvanised steel or weathering steel, both made to last for many years.

Get that professional finish to your garden minus the hard work and excessive outlay. Our Zero-Flex garden bed edging option can be used as a divider between gravels, woodchips, or mulches or for separating paving, compacted stone, and artificial turf edges. The 75mm, 100mm, or 150mm high options can give you a low feature bed finish or act as angular in-ground tree surrounds. It’s DIY landscaping made easy. View the gallery for inspiration and ideas on how best to use our Zero-Flex garden bed edging products.

Ideal for

  • Straight garden paths & lawn areas
  • Decorative stone and mulch areas
  • Slightly raised or In-ground tree surrounds
  • Keeping mulch off paths
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In-ground Zero-Flex garden edging

Straightcurve Zero-Flex is heavy-duty edging that is quick and easy to install, requiring little to no attention once it is firmly in place. Our Zero-Flex garden edging is perfect for creating solid and straight borders that will stay exactly where you put them for many years to come. Even when used in areas with heavy traffic, in-ground Zero-Flex will not budge, making it perfect for all applications where neat, easy-to-maintain borders are desired.

Galvanised and weathered steel finishes

Our in-ground Straightcurve Zero-Flex garden edging is available in two attractive finishes:

  • Weathered steel — This finish will develop a beautiful brown patina over time. The surface patina looks very attractive in mature gardens and also serves as a protective barrier against the elements. Once it has formed, it will help to prevent atmospheric corrosion from attacking your edging beneath the surface. As the patination process depends on the local environment, the exact colour and texture of your edging will be unique. The key to developing the protective patina is to ensure the product is allowed to cycle between periods of wet & dry conditions.
  • Galvanised steel — If you prefer a more uniform, modern finish to your in-ground Zero-Flex edging, galvanised steel is your best option. It is resistant to corrosion and will remain rust-free for many years, thanks to the tough zinc coating.

Galvanised steel is often the preferred option for homeowners who wish to create a garden with a more modern, contemporary feel. In contrast, weathered steel is a favourite among gardeners who are creating straight borders in mature or more traditional landscapes. Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that your edging will not need to be replaced for a considerable amount of time.

Our weathered steel edging and our galvanised steel edging products are designed to last for many years. Whilst varying conditions make it difficult to provide a blanket guarantee, it’s possible for Weathered steel to last for decades without any significant deterioration (depending on the climate), while galvanised steel has been known to retain its structural integrity for over a century.

A choice of heights: 100 mm and 150 mm in-ground Straightcurve Zero-Flex

Whether you opt for the galvanised steel or weathered steel finish, you have a choice of profile sizes: 100 mm x 2,200 mm or 150 mm x 2,200 mm. The lower height is ideal for unobtrusive lawn borders with non-invasive grass and for creating borders between areas of mulch, stone, gravel, or wood chips. The 150 mm height is perfect for lawn borders where invasive species of grass have been used and for areas of mulch, stone, gravel, and wood chips (where a slightly higher border is needed).

If invasive grass is not a concern, the primary consideration when choosing between the two profile heights will be aesthetic. However, for areas with a thicker layer of gravel or stone, 150 mm may be the preferred option for practical reasons. If you are not sure which profile height is the right one for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us for expert assistance.

In-ground Zero-Flex edging: easy-to-install, DIY permanent edging

Assuming you have a level compacted base of sand or road base, in-ground Straightcurve Zero-Flex is easy to install and requires no special tools. If you want to install it in a mature garden without such a firm base, you can dig holes at the proposed location of each nail and fill them with quick-set concrete. Before it sets, simply insert the nails through the holes in the base of the edging so they penetrate the soft concrete. For corners, we can supply you with pre-formed corner pieces or you can make your own from straight sections of edging. In either case, you won’t find it difficult to create square or rectangular bordered areas with Straightcurve Zero-Flex edging and you’ll be delighted with the professional-looking results that you’re able to achieve.

In-ground Zero-Flex garden edging for landscaping professionals

The fast and easy installation process that makes Straightcurve Zero-Flex suitable for DIY projects also makes it a great choice for landscape gardeners in Australia. Because it allows you to create professional borders in a short space of time, it will enable you to offer more competitive pricing on all types of landscaping projects. Whether you mainly work on residential gardens, commercial gardens, or a mix of both, in-ground Zero-Flex will help you to offer customers a better deal without having to lower your profit margins. Many professionals are already using Straightcurve Zero-Flex on their landscaping projects and are finding that it makes a big difference to completion times as well as pricing. Don’t get left behind: contact us now for full details of all our garden edging solutions.

Use our garden edging for your next project and enjoy superb results

Whether you use in-ground Zero-Flex for all borders or in combination with our Rigid and Flex garden edging solutions, you will find it easy to achieve first-rate results on every border and edge that you create.

You can purchase Straightcurve Zero-Flex and our other garden edging products from any of our Australian dealers, and you can request a retail price list directly from our website. For trade pricing and more details about Zero-Flex, please talk to your local distributor or feel free to contact us during business hours to discuss your requirements with a member of our team. We are always happy to provide additional information and answer every technical question our customers may have.

Zero-Flex Garden Edging

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