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Steel garden edging, retaining & planters


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We manufacture a full range of garden edging products that are simple to install, attractive, extremely hard wearing and affordably priced. Whether you want to create a lawn area with crisp, straight edges that are easy to maintain or a series of curved, terraced flower beds, you can do it quickly, easily and inexpensively with the Straightcurve range of in-ground and above ground garden edging solutions.

Weathered steel garden edging: practical, beautiful and durable

Many people use DIY steel garden edging to make their backyards and gardens easier to maintain. Quality edging will stop grass from your lawn creeping into adjacent areas where you don’t want it. It will also prevent mulch from getting all over your lawn or patio every time you water your flower beds. There are many practical advantages but aesthetics and longevity are important to most people too, which is where our rusted steel garden edging comes into its own.

In the 1930s, U.S. Steel developed a steel alloy for use in outdoor environments, which wouldn’t need to be painted. It was named Corten Steel. Garden edging made from similar steel alloys comprises an important part of our range. The steel is designed to acquire an attractive patina in a relatively short period of time and this surface rust actually protects the steel from further corrosion. With our weathered steel edging, you can create beautiful flower beds, lawn areas, garden paths, and tree surrounds that will really stand the test of time.

With soil and atmospheric conditions varying greatly and a swathe of outlier conditions found in the field, we can’t provide lifespan certainty, but on average Weathering Steel lasts for ten years or more.

Galvanised steel garden edging

We appreciate that not everyone is looking for the rustic patina that comes with alloys in the style of Corten Steel. Garden beds in yards with a very modern design, for example, may look better when edged with galvanised steel. With this in mind, we decided to make our entire range available in both weathered and galvanised steel, enabling you to choose the solution that looks right in your garden.

The protective coating of galvanised steel provides an enduring edge in more aggressive coastal and urban environments. As the longest-lasting steel finish on the market, galvanised steel will outlast mild or weathering steel hands down, making it an excellent choice if durability is your primary concern when choosing materials.

Above ground or in-ground garden edging: which is right for your needs?

Whether you want galvanised or rusted steel edging, we have both above ground and in-ground solutions for all your garden maintenance and landscaping needs. Our in-ground garden edging is available in profiles with a height of 75 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm while our above ground edging is available in heights of 240 mm, 400 mm and 560 mm. With such a wide range of heights from which to choose, it’s possible to create all types of garden edges with our products. From virtually invisible lawn surrounds, all the way up to terraced flower bed walls that stand 56 centimetres high.

Rigid or flexible garden edging?

Both our above-ground and in-ground edging is available in rigid or flexible sections. Our Rigidline edging is designed to make it easy to create straight lines in any area of your garden or backyard while our Flexline edging can easily be bent to follow the curves of a flowing landscape design. And if you’re using our above ground edging, you can connect Rigidline and Flexline sections together, enabling you to follow garden plans and layouts that utilise both straight and curved lines.

In addition to Rigidline and Flexline, we also manufacture a heavy-duty garden edging solution for straight edges, which we call Hardline. With a profile that has two ‘feet’ to anchor it in place, our Hardline edging is a great choice for areas where you are worried that excessive wear and tear could undo all your good work. Hardline, which is available in 100 mm and 150 mm in-ground profiles, will stay where you put it and is just as easy to work with as all our other edging products.

If you’re not sure which type of garden edging to choose, it’s worth bearing in mind that the higher in-ground profiles can accommodate slight curves. If your lawn edges or flower beds are almost straight but not quite, Rigidline is probably your best option.

If you’d like to talk to an expert before making your choice, you’re more than welcome to contact us. Alternatively, you can contact your nearest Straightcurve dealer.

Freestanding beds and garden features

Our fixed height planter boxes are perfect for creating freestanding flower beds or garden features such as tables and benches (with a top you make yourself). Available in heights of 400 mm and 560 mm, they come in various lengths, from 200 mm to 1200mm, and you can combine the panels to create other lengths if you wish. Our fixed height planters, in common with our other products, are available in either galvanised steel or an alloy that is similar to the original Corten Steel. Garden edging and planter boxes can, of course, be used together, creating a garden landscape design that is beautiful, varied and easy to maintain.

Inexpensive and Simple to Install

All of our garden edging products are designed to be very simple to install. If you prefer to do your own landscaping and garden maintenance tasks, you’ll find our Rigidline, Flexline and Hardline products are a joy to work with. Garden edging suppliers in Australia who cater to DIY gardeners carry our range because they know it is the best solution: it’s incredibly easy to install, it’s surprisingly cost effective compared to many alternative edging solutions and it will last for decades with a minimum of maintenance.

Our garden edging is also very popular with landscape gardening professionals across Australia. The same features that make it attractive to DIY enthusiasts and home gardeners – low cost and quick / easy installation – appeal to professionals too. Quite simply, if you’re looking for a suitable alternative to corrugated iron garden edging solution, you won’t find a better one than ours.

Long-lasting Garden Edging

Level up your landscaping game with Straightcurve’s modern garden edging products. With a vast array of solutions to choose from, the possibilities truly are endless.

Engineered specifically for easy instalment, our innovative design means you won’t break your back (or the bank) to get that professional flawless finish on your garden. Our flexible edging – Flexline – is entirely flexible yet incredibly sturdy making it unbelievably easy to work with. No other metal garden edging product flexes so evenly, giving a perfect result every time with so little effort. And for those structured, straight lines, you can’t beat our Rigidline and Hardline range. With in-ground and above ground solutions for all of our products, you’re limited only by your imagination. Straightcurve products are available Australia wide via stockists or our website.

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All our supply and manufacturing partners are ISO certified across all areas of the material selection and manufacturing process; every batch of weathering and galvanised steel is tested before further processing to confirm steel composition, strength, thickness, coating thickness (zinc), and coating composition (purity). This is how we maximise the chances of achieving a lengthy lifespan for all of our garden edging products.

Straightcurve steel garden edging products are cleverly designed and precision-engineered (to the highest standards) to achieve a strong hold and perfect finish. As a result, our products install more seamlessly and up to 3x faster than other conventional garden edging systems. This makes them the preferred choice for designers and installers who value a high quality, consistently flawless fit & finish. Straightcurve garden edging products are precision-engineered for your confidence & certainty.

"The thing I love most about the product is the time I save onsite on installation, I can be much more competitive on price."
Alessio Alessio’s Gardens
"The Flexline product is fantastic, it’s so easy to use to create a nice easy turn."
Jaim Green Horizons
"The real reason I love installing Straightcurve is the ease and accessibility in the installation process."
Jaiden Deep Green Landscaping
"Straightcurve’s Flexline has been the biggest innovation for the landscapes we put in"
Mirek Carter Waterwise Landscaping
"It just grabbed me because it’s so easy to use and I’ve been onboard ever since."
Wanda Wanda’s Gardening & Landscaping
"Straightcurve is really easy to install. The design flexibility is great, its a great product to use."
Belinda & Jeremiah Kinetic Landscaping

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