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“Brilliant product to use”
“Simple to assemble & curve”
“Great addition to our home”
“Way superior to alternatives”
“The team love using it”
“Try it, you won't regret it”
“User friendly design”
“150% productivity increase ”
“End result looks great”
“Such a great product”
“Very satisfied”
“Easy to order”
“Fast and stress free”
“Highly recommend”

Why Choose Straightcurve?

Simply, it’s Australia’s only high-end range of modular steel garden edging that’s:

Specifically designed for DIY Gardeners and Landscapers around the world. Designed with simple installation in mind, including; pre-drilled & prepared for assembly, no training or experience necessary. Straightcurve is surprisingly affordable compared to the alternatives, find your closest dealer here.

Try them on your next garden project and you’ll find they are:

  • Extremely high-quality & hard wearing
  • Simple to install & quick to connect
  • Aesthetically pleasing & easy to shape by hand
  • Affordably priced & ready when you are

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Our full range of products

We manufacture a full range of garden edging products that are simple to install, attractive, extremely hard wearing and affordably priced.

Whether you want to create a lawn area with crisp, straight edges that are easy to maintain or a series of curved, terraced flower beds, you can do it quickly, easily and inexpensively with the Straightcurve range of garden edging, raised garden beds and planter boxes.

Weathered steel garden edging: practical, beautiful and durable

Many people use DIY steel garden edging to make their backyards and gardens easier to maintain. Quality edging will stop grass from your lawn from creeping into adjacent areas where you don’t want it. It will also prevent mulch from getting all over your lawn or patio every time you water your flower beds. There are many practical advantages but aesthetics and longevity are important to most people too, which is where our rusted steel garden edging comes into its own.

In the 1930s, U.S. Steel developed a steel alloy for use in outdoor environments, which wouldn’t need to be painted. It was named Corten Steel. Garden edging made from similar steel alloys comprises an important part of our range. The steel is designed to acquire an attractive patina in a relatively short period of time and this surface rust actually protects the steel from further corrosion. With our weathered steel edging, you can create beautiful flower beds, lawn areas, garden paths, and tree surrounds that will really stand the test of time.

With soil and atmospheric conditions varying greatly and a swathe of outlier conditions found in the field, we can’t provide a precise lifespan guarantee, but on average high-quality Weathering Steel can be expected to last for ten years or more.

Galvanised steel garden edging

We appreciate that not everyone is looking for the rustic patina that comes with alloys in the style of Corten Steel. Garden beds in yards with a very modern design, for example, may look better when edged with galvanised steel. With this in mind, we decided to make our entire range available in both weathered and galvanised steel, enabling you to choose the solution that looks right in your garden.

The protective coating of galvanised steel provides an enduring edge in more aggressive coastal and urban environments. As the longest-lasting steel finish on the market, galvanised steel will outlast mild or weathering steel hands down, making it an excellent choice if durability is your primary concern when choosing materials.

Above ground or in-ground garden edging: which is right for your needs?

Whether you want galvanised or rusted steel edging, we have both above-ground and in-ground solutions for all your garden maintenance and landscaping needs. Our in-ground garden edging is available in profiles with a height of 75 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm while our above-ground edging products (aka raised garden beds + planter boxes) are available in heights of 240 mm, 400 mm and 560 mm.

With such a wide range of heights from which to choose, it’s possible to create all types of garden edges with our products. From virtually invisible lawn surrounds (designed to hold and define the shape of your lawn), all the way up to terraced flower bed walls that stand 56 centimetres high (to create visual interest and make garden maintenance less back-breaking).

Flexible, rigid or zero-flex garden edging?

Our garden edging and raised garden bed product range is available in three styles – flex, rigid, and zero-flex.

Our Flex edging can easily be shaped by hand to follow the curves of a flowing landscape design while our Rigid edging makes it easy to create straight (or very gently curving) lines in any area of your garden or backyard. If your lawn edges or flower beds are mostly straight with some gentle curved sections, the Rigid range is probably your best option.

Because our Flex & Rigid products can be easily connected together, you can design & install garden plans and layouts with a mix of straight and curved lines.

In addition to our Flex and Rigid product lines, we also manufacture a heavy-duty garden edging solution for perfectly straight edges, which we call Zero-Flex. With a profile that has stabilising ‘feet’ to anchor it in place, our Zero-Flex edging is a great choice for areas where you are worried that excessive wear and tear could undo all your good work. Zero-Flex (available in 75 mm, 100 mm, and 150 mm profiles), will stay exactly where you put it and is just as easy to work with as all our other edging products.

If you’re not sure which type of garden edging to choose, or you’d like to talk to an expert before making your choice, you’re more than welcome to contact us.

Freestanding garden beds & garden features

Our planter boxes are perfect for creating freestanding flower beds or garden features such as tables and benches (with a top you make yourself). Available in heights of 400 mm and 560 mm, they come in various panels lengths, from 200 mm to 1200mm which you can combine to create a variety of shapes. Our planter boxes, in common with our other products, are available in either galvanised steel or an alloy that is similar to the original Corten Steel. Garden edging and planter boxes can, of course, be used together, creating a garden landscape design that is beautiful, varied, and easy to maintain.

Inexpensive and Simple to Install

All of our garden edging products are designed to be very simple to install. If you prefer to do your own landscaping and garden maintenance tasks, you’ll find our Flex, Rigid and Zero-Flex products are a joy to work with.

DIY gardeners, professional landscapers, and landscape architects become raving fans after discovering & using our products for the first time. Why? Because ours is a range that has been purposefully designed with a high-quality user experience in mind.

Customers say our products are the best solution on the market for several reasons: they’re incredibly easy to install, they’re surprisingly cost-effective compared to many alternative edging solutions, and they’ll last for many years with a minimum of maintenance.

Our garden edging is popular with landscape gardening professionals because the features that make it attractive to DIY enthusiasts and home gardeners – low cost and quick / easy installation – appeal to professionals too. Quite simply, if you’re looking for a suitable alternative to corrugated iron garden edging solution, you won’t find a better one than ours.

Practical reasons to love Straightcurve®


Precision engineered

All our products are designed & engineered for a strong hold and perfect finish.


ISO certified

Our material selection & manufacturing is ISO certified to maximise product quality & lifespan.


3x faster installation

Save time (and associated labour cost) on every project with an easier and faster approach.


Easy build

You can build our raised garden beds with just a hammer - it doesn't get any easier than that!


Custom shapes

Incredible flexibility to make any custom shape you want on site with no pre-rolling required


Bracing options

Adjustable bracing to give the perfect vertical every time with options for easy obstacle avoidance.


Discreet joins

Simple guide holes and slots. No more clamping, drilling or welding required.


Quick dispatch

Order from our national stockists or buy online for rapid delivery from our AU warehouses.

Simply Better

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What makes our products special?

When you compare & contrast alternative steel garden edging products to Straightcurve, you’ll find ours are a bit special for these reasons:

They’re beautifully made

Meaning they’re precision engineered to extremely high tolerances to ensure each modular product aligns perfectly with the next. Which creates a flawless fit & finish, first time, every time. This means a consistent finish across every job, whether you install yourself or have multiple teams doing that for you. Our products look so good they’re often mistaken for bespoke metalwork.

They’re mass-produced to extremely high quality standards. 

This means, though they may look custom fabricated, they’re actually ready & waiting in our AU warehouses for direct delivery, and/or available from our network of national stockists for collection. So you can kiss goodbye to long custom-fab lead times. If you order our products today, you’ll have them in your hands in a matter of days (not weeks). It is both unique & unusual for such a high-end landscaping product to be readily available – in fact, it’s quite the game-changer for those in the business of designing, installing, or maintaining beautiful gardens with steel garden edging.

They’re intentionally simple by design.

Because they’re designed to be DIY-friendly. We designed the entire range of garden edging, raised garden beds, and planters so that home gardeners could install them quickly & easily, with no prior experience, and get a high-quality end result, using only a hammer and a cordless screwdriver.

They’re unintentionally popular with Designers, Architects, and Pro Landscapers.

Truth be told, we didn’t set out to offer our range to industry professionals. But by happy coincidence, the qualities that make our products popular with home gardeners, also make them confidence-inspiring for Designers & Architects (who know our products will uphold the integrity of their designs) and hugely advantageous for landscapers, builders, and maintenance contractors (who can install more quickly & easily with our products).

They merge the best of bits of both ends of the market.

We’re not chasing the low end of the market where the focus is on cheapness not necessarily quality, durability, or ease of use. And we’re not chasing the custom fabrication top end which, though high-quality, is usually very expensive and time-consuming. Our products sit in a sweet spot in that they are very high quality whilst being extremely useable, readily available, and surprisingly affordable.

They’re proof that you don’t have to be a big company to have a big impact.

We’re a small company. One with big ideas, great products, an international reach, and the drive to make a difference in the lives of our customers. Our mantra is “how can we” make products that help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be. And “how can we” make your landscape design & build life simpler, better, and more rewarding – whether you’re a weekend gardener or a seasoned Pro.

They’re a range of products that will open up a world of garden design possibilities for you.

If you’ve yet to try our products, this will sound fanciful. But try them once and you’ll know exactly what we mean. If you’re a DIY home gardener our products will make you feel like a pro. If you’re a designer, our products will give you a new design vocabulary. If you’re a landscaper, our products will make you recalibrate how quick, easy, and costly installation jobs should be.

Put our products to the test in your domestic & commercial garden design projects and see for yourself how they work with you and for you. And once you’ve done that, reach out and tell us if this wasn’t one of those rare moments in life where the products actually do what the company producing them says they’ll do.

They're a landscaping solution you'll wish you'd discovered years ago.

It goes like this time and time again – a customer is recommended our products or sees them being demonstrated or otherwise works with them for the first time and fully appreciates what we mean when we say they’re “Simply Better”.

Then they say things like… “I wish I’d known about this before now”, or “I can’t believe I’ve been doing it the hard way all this time”, or “The time I’m saving now, using these products, is staggering”, or “When I compare this to alternative products and methods, it’s a no brainer to choose yours”.

Here’s the thing. The companies who make the products you’ve been reliant on to this point don’t want you to know about Straightcurve. They want you to stick to what you know, because they know if you try Straightcurve once, you’ll be converted.

So here’s a gentle nudge of encouragement – don’t sit on the fence with this one, give our products a try and enjoy a smarter way of doing things.

They're giving you a choice.

The choice is to stick to what you’re used to using whilst hoping everyone else does the same. Or try Straightcurve once, and see for yourself how much easier, faster, and better things can be. Knowing what I know, if I were you, I’d choose the latter. Whether it’s to get ahead or to avoid being left behind. Try Straightcurve products. Then tell us all about it.

Professional Landscaper installing Straightcurve Flex garden edging.

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What people are saying about Straightcurve

Landscapers who switch to Straightcurve edging tell us “It’s a joy to work with”, “It’s quick & easy to use”, “It doesn’t need special skills or tooling”, “It looks good first time, every time”. All of which amounts to less stress, happier clients, more job satisfaction, and all around a Simply Better outcome for everyone involved!

"The thing I love most about the product is the time I save onsite on installation, I can be much more competitive on price."
Alessio Alessio’s Gardens
"The Flexline product is fantastic, it’s so easy to use to create a nice easy turn."
Jaim Green Horizons
"The real reason I love installing Straightcurve is the ease and accessibility in the installation process."
Jaiden Deep Green Landscaping
"Straightcurve’s Flexline has been the biggest innovation for the landscapes we put in"
Mirek Carter Waterwise Landscaping
"It just grabbed me because it’s so easy to use and I’ve been onboard ever since."
Wanda Wanda’s Gardening & Landscaping
"Straightcurve is really easy to install. The design flexibility is great, its a great product to use."
Belinda & Jeremiah Kinetic Landscaping

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